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FUE Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?


FUE hair transplant is the most common method of hair transplant. With FUE Hair Transplant Turkey, hair grafts are individually extracted from the donor areas, typically each graft is a naturally occurring group of between 1 and 3 hair follicles, also known as a follicular unit. This method involves the transfer of healthy grafts obtained from the genetically stronger areas of the scalp (usually the back & sides of the head) to the recipient area with hair thinning.

Currently, we can safely transplant up to 4,500-5000 grafts in a single session (depending on the case and suitability of the donor area). This is typically done over one day but sometimes is carried out over two consecutive days to achieve more effective results.

Why men choose DHI Hair Transplantation?

How FUE Works

Unlike FUT where the conventional strip excision method is used, FUE Hair Transplant involves the extraction of individual follicular units/ grafts from the genetically healthier regions of the scalp and surgically inserting them into the patient’s thinning areas. Typically, removal of the grafts will leave subtle small round scars. These fine dotted scars will be covered once shaved hair regrows.

A lot of patients prefer Fue Hair Transplant in Turkey because it has no cutting ; stitching, therefore resulting in quick recovery time with no visible linear scar. FUE is also accompanied by less discomfort to the areas worked on. This hair transplant process is very convenient as it leaves the donor region relatively intact with its natural appearance.

The professional services offered by Dr. Resat M.D. his team helps you confidently make an informed decision on what bests suits you and your needs for an optimal surgical hair restoration solution. Our Consultations at Fue Hair Transplant Turkey are informative and accommodating, allowing you to navigate with your surgeon on what results in you desire and what is practically achievable. It is important to know that results are limited to the particular hair bank each individual has. It is also vital that you let the doctor know of any conditions or disorders that you might be having to allow accurate assessment of any risk factors ensure a successful transplant.

At a consultation of Best Fue Hair Transplant Turkey, you can use the opportunity to find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure along with the possible outcomes and effects.

FUE Hair Transplant Procedure


Feel free to contact us Fue Hair Transplant Specialists find out more about which hair transplant procedure is best for you.

The FUE Hair Transplant Process

Fue Hair Transplant is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail for an effective final result. After consultations, here is how the procedure is carried out:

1. Harvesting Hair Follicles:

Small circular incisions are made around the hair follicles on the scalp at the donor area by using a small metal device called a punch, then these follicular units are individually extracted from the donor area. The new hair follicles are kept in an optimum environment and prepared by an experienced team to be transplanted into the recipient area. This procedure is done with a lot of accuracies to avoid damage to the hair follicles.

2. Recipient site preparation:

Small blades or needles are then used to prepare the recipient area by creating incisions. Making these incisions requires ultimate precision as the direction of the natural hair growth is considered. This will allow all the transplanted grafts to grow in the standard expected directions resulting in the desired natural-looking appearance.

3. Transplanting the HairFollicles:

Hair grafts are then transplanted one at a time at an angle of 40-45 degrees into the incisions that were created during the recipient area preparation. Our experienced team at Fortes will check each individual graft before transplanting it into the recipient area to ensure that you get the best hair transplant result.

Summary of the FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Here’s a breakdown of the Best Fue Hair Transplant Turkey in bullet points:

  • The first step is the consultation process, where the doctor and the patient agree on the best procedure to be carried out and a new hairline is designed. If you agree on the procedure that suits you the best, an appointment for surgery will be booked for you.
  • If the treatment involves a significant number of grafts, we will have to shave the entire back and sides of the scalp on the day.
  • A mild sedative and local anaesthetic will be administered in both the donor and recipient areas. This is the only discomfort you’ll feel throughout your treatment.
  • Once the anaesthetic has kicked in, the procedure begins with the extraction of the follicular units / grafts. Manual or motorised extraction methods are used. Hair grafts are then extracted from the donor area at the back sides of the head.
  • The recipient area is then prepared, taking into consideration the direction of normal hair growth.
  • The transplantation process then follows next as the hair grafts are inserted into the recipient area.
  • Post-operative procedures such as wound dressing and cleaning are then carried out on the operated regions.

Aftercare for FUE Hair Transplant

Finally, the last process is post-operative care as well as the hair washing procedure.The washing process is to be conducted for 2 weeks. This is to be done with a lot of care as the transplanted region is likely to be sensitive to touch and water. An Aftercare package is given to all patients that includes detailed post-op washing instructions.

The FUE hair transplant procedure is relatively clean with quick recovery time. FUE will leave subtle small round scars at the donor site. These fine dotted scars will be covered once the shaved hair regrows.

Often you can be on your way home only half an hour after the treatment, but make sure arrangements have been made for someone to collect you.