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FUE Gold Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant FUE GOLD Technique

Latest Generation of the FUE Method

The extraction method is an essential factor in hair transplantation.
The real success of the procedure depends on the steps described here.
Of course, such a hair transplant’s success is also important to us, so we have further developed the FUE Gold method.
Why Hair transplant FUE GOLD Technique?

It’s all about how we treat you.

The FUE Gold method is unique. It differs from the traditional FUE method by using a gold tip micromotor. The grafts are prepared for removal using a more efficient micromotor with a gold-plated hollow needle. Due to the finer gold tip, only minimal punctures occur, which primarily accelerate the healing phase and cause hardly any scars. Another advantage is that gold does not heat up, which is why the punctures are very small. After each use, the gold tip is disposed of, ensuring perfect hygiene and reducing the risk of inflammation to a minimum. In general, gold hardly triggers any allergies. It is very compatible with the body, which is why this material is ideally suited for sensitive patients and has become indispensable in the world of medicine.

Then, the grafts are removed. This work requires a great deal of sensitivity and precision. The hair density and the distribution of the existing hair are taken into account. Of course, the experience of our doctors is also crucial here. It is essential that our doctors have years of experience and that this is done by expert doctors and not by simple technicians. Only grafts that have been removed correctly and gently guarantee satisfying growth and successful hair transplantation. Also, the proper storage of the removed grafts until the graft is implanted is crucial. The life-supporting HypoThermosol solution has both a life-supporting and strengthening effect. Once removed and stored in the solution, the grafts can also be counted. The doctors will count the grafts directly in front of you. You are also welcome to count them.

FUE Gold Advantages

  • Faster healing phase compared to the standard FUE technique
  • Very sharp hollow needles due to disposable use
  • Impeccable hygiene
  • Minimal scarring on the donor surface
  • 96% growth rate of grafts, as they are not damaged