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Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is a minimal invasive hair transplat technique.
Direct hair transplant or Direct Hair Implantation®, is a modern method of the fue subgroup.

FUE Gold Hair Transplantation

It is one of the most modern hair transplantation techniques which belongs to the subgroup of FUE technique.
Gold tipped special hair transplantation tools…

Hairline Determination Using Laser

There has been a recent increase in interest in
“hairline determination using laser and laser hair transplantation”, which…

Personalized Design In Hair Transplantation

The most important step of the procedure is to create a personalized hair design in
hair transplantation surgery. Especially the design of the front hairline is the...

IceGraft Hair Transplantation

IceGraft hair transplantation technique is a hair transplantation procedure in which cold application method is used to protect hair follicles. In IceGraft hair

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss is very bad for every men but replacing it with a bad hair transplant is worse.
The main reason is to make it more natural

Beard, Mustache and Eyebrow Transplantation

When it comes to changing up their personal style, men usually change their facial hair style to redefine their appearance or to make a fashion statement. Sometimes, the added facial hair

Needle-Free Hair Transplantation

Needle-free hair transplantation technique is a suitable option for patients who have hair loss and baldness problems but avoid getting support about…

Motorized and Manual Hair Transplantation

Since FUE became a suitable hair transplantation technique, FUE removal tools have undergone significant changes and improvements as motorized and manual hair transplantation

Computer-Assisted Hair Analysis

Computer-assisted hair analysis is a technological hair analysis application that provides necessary information about the

PRP Hair Transplant

PRP is the abbreviation for “platelet-rich plasma”, which is defined as the procedure for increasing hair growth and renewing hair for men and women considering hair transplantation.

Long Hair FUE Hair Transplantation

The latest developments in the FUE technique include the unshaved hair transplantation technique,
Long Hair FUE hair transplantation. Psychology…

Stem Cell Hair Transplantation

Stem cell hair transplantation is a technique that uses cells in your body tissues to achieve superior hair yield and a fuller,
denser look and to…

Front Hairline Design

Patients, especially younger ones, frequently request low,
flat hairlines. It is quite understandable for the…