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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is one of the most important branches under clinic sciences of dental medicine. This unit is a medical area realizing medical and surgical treatment of esthetic and functional problems in respect of both soft and hard tissues at the mouth, teeth, chin and face sections caused by congenital as well as acquired diseases, including traumatic and all kinds of pathologic causes.
Specialists in this area are involved not only with the teeth, but also diagnosing soft tissue diseases like the cheeks, lips, tongue and salivary glands as well as the chin joint and chin itself and specifying any surgical interventions required therefor.
Methods of Treatment Used In Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • Extraction of teeth embedded in the palate, which are complicated,

  • Surgical treatment of all kinds of infections of the mouth, chine and face areas,

  • Surgical treatment of such chin formations like tumors and cysts, Surgical treatment of soft tissue diseases of the oral area,

  • Tratment of intra-bone lesions of tooth origins (Apical Resection), Treatment of any fractures occurring at the chin and face areas,

  • Surgical rectification of soft as well as hard tissues prior to constructing dental prosthesis,

  • Medical and surgical treatments of pain at the chin and face areas,

  • Treatment of lip and palate clefts,

  • Medical and surgical treatments of saliva gland diseases,

  • Correcting through surgical methods any deformations at the mouth,chin and face areas causing esthetic and functional disorders (Orthognatic surgery),

  • Implant applications.
Why Should Wisdom ( 20 Years Of Age ) Teeth Be Extracted?
Wisdom teeth generaly do not protrude totally and this results in the teeth remaining either partially or totally embedded in the chin bone.
This causes malformation on the other teeth and teeth roots extending anomalously, pushing other teeth roots.
Wisdom teeth could remain embedded in the surrounding soft tissue or bone, leaning on the adjacent tooth as turded sidewise.
Any wisdom tooth trying come out, could possibly disturb the ideal teeth arrayor such teeh arrays corrected through orthodontia and give rise to a crooked formation. 
Are Wisdom Teeth Contained In Every Mouth?
In certain people, wisdom teeth could possibly not be generated due to hereditary factors. 
Any wisdom teeth generated could, if find proper place in the chin bone, come out and be positioned like the other teeth. 

If this does not create any distress regarding oral health, wisdom teeth are not required to be extracted. 
Whereas those teeth positioned so as not to take place in the intra-mouth array, could remain either embedded or partially embedded.

How Should Post Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Care Be?

Following oral and maxillofacial surgery, people concerned should take special care of oral hygiene and dental health.
Particularly following oral esthetic operations, it should be strictly adhered to the instructions given by doctors.
Necessary medical materials are required to be used to avoid proliferation of bacteria in the mouth, nesting several soft tissues.
Otherwise, serious health problems could be encountered with after all surgical interventions, primarily oral surgical operations

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